Peace Education - Swag for Nature #3

Inspiration from Nature on Peace building & Education

Nature Provides us with examples of peace, love and compassion which could be an inspiration for peace education. This workshop is an open platform for discussing the inspiration of peace from nature and leveraging it for Education.

Peace education workshop brings dialogue at its core for appreciating and understanding the importance of harnessing this powerful mantra for a sustainable future. 

The workshop would be useful for anyone interested or connected with the peace,education and sustainability sector. 

The workshop would attempt to connect three SDGs 4,16 and 17 for meeting other SDGs

The workshop is being conducted by Shristi in partnership with URI ( as part of Ecoskillarts ( Initiative. 

Day: 29th August, 2020, Saturday 

Time: 7 pm Indian Standard Time (330 pm Central European Time and 930 am Eastern Time).

This workshop is the third in the series of Open Discussion Series (ODS), Swag for Nature 

UN International World Youth Day 2020

12th August, 2020

UN International World Youth Day 2020 12th August, 2020 Shristi proudly celebrates the UN International World Youth Day 2020 with EcoFriend World and Vision to Reality.

This event celebrates the spirit of Youth for Nature Conservation and Dr Bremley's UN World Youth Award received in the year 2000.

Join us for a discussion. You are all invited!


Dr. Bremley Lyngdoh, Founder and CFO, EcoFriend World

Sivan Levi, Founder and CEO, Vision to Reality

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 Date: Aug 12, 2020

 Time: 8:30 pm IST and 8:00 am PST

 Enquiries: enquiries[email protected]